Samples & Special Offers

Complimentary Samples

 As part of our service at we send free complimentary samples (maximum 2) with every order. However, it is important that you add the samples to your shopping cart prior to payment otherwise they will not be sent. Samples will not be sent out separately if not selected on original order. On the occasion that your chosen sample is out of stock alternative samples will be chosen for you.  We do apologise in advance but this is due to high demands and limited stock available.

Complimentary samples cannot be added to our shopping cart when purchasing an E-Gift.  The samples can only be added when the voucher is being re-deemed.

Special Offers

  • Multiple coupon codes cannot be used in conjunction with each other. If you attempt to input more than 1 coupon code the system will automatically remove.
  • The newsletter sign up discount code is applicable to full priced items only.
  • Coupon codes cannot be used when purchasing e-Gift Cards.
  • Any valid coupon codes available when re-deeming the e-Gift Card can be used.
  • Minimum spend advertised to claim free products must be met.
  • The price is the final purchase price after any other discount codes are applied and that are permitted by If this is not met the free product coupon code will automatically be removed from your shopping cart without any notification and will not be included in your order.
  • Only one coupon code can be used at any one time so if you wish to use multiple coupon codes, separate orders must be placed.
  • Coupon codes offering free gifts will become invalid once stock is no longer available.  This applies to our limited offers.
  • Minimum order values apply to single orders only.
  • Coupon codes apply to full price items only.
  • The loyalty email offering a free mitt to loyal customers must meet the minimum spend of €50.  When redeeming this offer it cannot be used with any other coupon codes.
  • Discounts/Sales on Image Skincare generally excludes Bundle Packages.
  • Coupon codes must be inputted prior to payment to avail of discounts/free products.
  • Email requests to apply coupon codes after order has been placed will not be accepted.

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