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Yon-ka Paris Anti Ageing Vanity Firming

Kit includes:

Phyto 52 – 40ml

Yon-ka Paris Phyto 52 provides freshness and glow to the skin.  Rosemary invigorates the skin and thightens the pores. The skin texture is refined and the features are smoothed.  Beech buds peptides help restructure and smoothe the skin while hazelnut oil combined to aloe vera nourish and hydrate it to ensure maximum comfort.

Phyto Contour – 15ml

Yon-ka Paris Phyto Contour contains excellant firming qualities of rosemary which invigorates and tones the skin which is so thin and delicate around the eyes and lips. Thanks to its draining and toning action, PHYTO-CONTOUR visibly reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. Aloe Vera and vegetal glycerin bring freshness and hydration to help erase all signs of fatigue. The eyes and lips contours are smoothed, enlightened and regain youthfullness.

Yonka Vanity Case


Suitable for all skin types.


How to use

Phyto 52 At night after cleansing and spraying the LOTION YON-KA mist , apply the PHYTO 52 cream over the face and neck. For an intensive anti-slackening course of treatments, combine PHYTO 52 with LIFT+ booster . For an intensive firming and nutrition program, combine it with NUTRI+ during the day, and with LIFT+ if deemed necessary at night . Phyto Contour Morning and/or night, after removing your make-up, apply the product in a thin layer on the eyes and lips contours. From the inner corner of each eye (avoiding putting product into the eyes), smooth the product in a thin layer, stretching it towards the temples, three times. Proceed in the same manner for the upper lid, then finish with a gliding movement of your fingertips from the temples to the base of the neck. In order to allow the rosemary scents to vanish and thus avoid teary eyes, keep your eyes closed when applying PHYTO-CONTOUR. You may keep it in the refrigerator.

About The Brand

The Yon-Ka Paris skincare collection was founded on the principals of total body detoxification and regeneration. Working in synergy, the range features several distinctive botanical categories. These advanced botanical sciences combine with the white heat of modern technology to formulate some of the most refined, customised, effective and respected skincare products on the market today. Advanced botanical sciences used by Yon-Ka include: Aromatherapy, Aromachology, Phytotherapy and Gemmotherapy.


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