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  • SPF50 – protects against burning
  • UVA 5 Star – protects against ageing from sun
  • No odour, no streak, no orange – unlike any other fake tan
  • Moisturising – leaves a silky smooth texture
  • Evens skin tone
  • Instant bronzer – Gradual self tan
  • No parabens, not tested on animals, no harmful ingredients


Tan Cream

Desire a tan but need to stay out of the sun, difficulty in acquiring colour or do not enjoy sun exposure, then TANCREAM™ could be just the product for you.

Tan Cream has superior moisturising properties and an instant natural tint, so only one daily application to your skin is needed to give an even tone leaving a smooth silky texture.The gradual self-tan will work after a few hours and build up to produce a healthy colour and daily use will maintain your tan whilst protecting your skin from damage.

The specially designed formula also inhibits the development of a ‘self-tan smell’ and is completely odour free.

TANCREAM™ is ideal for daily use for all skin types throughout the year. Sun protection on holidays ranging from sun, cruises, safari to skiing. Sun protection for prolonged sun exposure due to working outdoors, dog walking, cycling, sports. Suffer with prickly heat & other sun allergies.

Tancream suits most skin types. If you suffer from eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, vitiligo, a patch test is recommended.

Suitable for all skin types.

How to use

  • FACE – Apply evenly to face and neck with finger tips in circular movements, avoiding the eyes & eyebrows. Tancream will give you instant warmth and coverage of blemishes, age spots and scarring allowing you to be make-up free.
  • BODY – Apply evenly, working in circular movements to all exposed areas not forgetting your back and the backs of your legs. The instant warm bronzer will give you a great guide to your application, is easily absorbed and will leave your skin looking and feeling luxuriously smooth.
  • For best results exfoliate before use.
  • Apply evenly in circular movements to all exposed areas – can be used for the face & body.
  • The luxurious hydrating lotion gives life to dry cracked skin and leaves a silky smooth finish.
  • Allow to absorb before dressing.


  • Wash hands after use, avoid contact with eyes, hair, fabric.
  • If adverse reaction occurs stop using the product.
  • If you have sensitive skin it would be advisable to carry out a patch test 24hrs prior to use.
  • For external use only.
  • Unlike other products Tancream does provide SPF50 & 5*UV sun protection but it is still advisable to avoid the sun between 11am-3pm.

About The Brand

Tancream ™ offers SPF50 protection using a blend of organic sunscreens, gradual self-tanning and instant bronzing. The premium luxury lotion has anti-ageing properties, no odour and it doesn’t streak. Clinicians, aestheticians, chemists, scientists, dermatologists, doctors and specialists all believe Tancream to be the product the industry has been waiting for. Having received glowing media reviews, awards, and celebrity endorsements, Tancream is on its way to going global.


  • Troxerutin is anti-oxidant and anti-ageing with anti-inflammatory properties.It is a free radical scavenger and also accelerates the DHA* tanning process. The skin is protected from any damage caused by DHA on application.
  • High UVA and UVB protection also reduces free radical formation and is a photostable broad spectrum SPF system.
  • The sun protection is a blend of organic sunscreens with added ingredients to form the five star UVA protection
  • Glycerin is part of the preservative system and is a well known extremelysafe moisturiser

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