Revitalash Lash Perfecting Gift Collection

lash perfecting gift collection

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3.5ml; 30ml; 2.5ml x 2

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Quick Guide

  • Protects from brittleness and breakage
  • Improves flexibility, moisture, and shine
  • Enhances appearance and condition of eyelashes
  • BioPeptin Complex, peptides and botanicals keep the lashes soft


C Combination
D Dry
M Mature
N Normal
O Oily
S Sensitive


Revitalash Lash Perfecting Gift Collection

Kit includes:,

RevitaLash® Advanced Conditioner – 3.5ml

Revitalash Advanced EyeLash Conditioner 3.5ml will enhance the look of luxurious eyelashes for dramatic, natural beauty. This finely-calibrated breakthrough cosmetic formula addresses the visual signs of eyelash ageing and stress dry, brittle, lifeless lashes. This innovative formula uses a proprietary blend of botanicals, powerful peptides and dermatologist-approved ingredients to help nourish and build stunning, long lashes. Boost your natural beauty with this amazing eyelash conditioner.

This eyelash conditioner contains a complex blend of clinically proven ingredients that enhance your natural lashes. With daily use, you’ll notice your lashes appearing fuller and longer. RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner is ophthalmologist tested to be paraben-free, hormone-free and salicylate-free so it won’t irritate your eyes. Daily use provides immediate conditioning benefits; leading to healthier-looking, more luxurious lashes.

Micellar Water Lash Wash – 30ml

RevitaLash Micellar Water Lash Wash is a residue-free, gentle cleanser for lashes, brows and lids.
Unique micelles attract and draw out impurities to remove dirt, oil, makeup, and lint without leaving any film or residue.

Double Ended Volume Set – Mini 2.5ml x 2

RevitaLash Double Ended Mascara/Primer is an award winning RevitaLash Cosmetics Volumizing Primer and Volumizing Mascara come together in this convenient, 2-in-1 lash primer and mascara duo designed to prep lashes and enhance volume, creating gorgeous, richly pigmented, luxurious lashes. Our double-duty, double-ended product features RevitaLash Cosmetics Volumizing Primer and Volumizing Mascara to provide color-intense conditioning ingredients that allow for buildable application, creating dramatic length and volume to natural lashes.

How to use

Revitalash Advanced: Wash hands and face with mild soap and water Let skin dry completely prior to application 1 x daily apply thin line of product to eyelashes above level of skin Do not apply more than one brush of product For best results use consistently Allow product to dry before applying makeup If makeup remover is used, ensure all residue is washed off prior to application. Double ended volume set: PREP: Remove any residual makeup with companion product Micellar Water Lash Wash to bare lashes and let dry completely. STEP 1: Apply Volumizing Primer to bare lashes beginning at the base of the eyelash, twirling upward and outward. STEP 2: Using the same application technique, apply Volumizing Mascara. STEP 3: Layer to build length and volume, ensuring product stays wet as you build. Micellar Lash Water: STEP 1: Spray 4-6 times onto a cotton pad STEP 2: Gently press pad on closed eye for 10-15 seconds to help loosen makeup STEP 3: Wipe eye area clean and repeat as needed to fully remove dirt and makeup from lashes, brows, eyelids and lash line TIP: If using lash extensions, do not use with a cotton pad. Instead spray a few pumps directly onto closed eye, lightly massaging product along lashes, brows and lids and gently wipe dry.

About The Brand

RevitaLash Cosmetics is your premier lash, brow, and hair beauty enhancement expert. RevitaLash® creates award-winning products focused on drawing forth your greatest assets – for eyes that captivate, hair that speaks volumes, and skin that glows with perfection. Utilising high impact proprietary technology, powerful peptides, and age defying anti-oxidants, RevitaLash® products create an environment for natural beauty to flourish. SkinShop are an authorised and official stockiest of RevitaLash® products.


Key Ingredients:
  • BioPeptin Complex
  • Ginseng and Swertia Japonica
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Wheat Protein,

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