AGERA Deep Cleansing Salicylic Wash (Travel Size)

deep cleansing salicylic wash

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3 x 60ml

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  • Ideal for oily and acne prone skin types
  • Removes dirt, oil, makeup and impurities
  • Contains 1.8% Salicylic Acid concentration
  • Fragrance free


C Combination
O Oily


Agera Deep Cleansing Salicylic Wash

Please note this product is 3 x 60ml bottles.

Agera Deep Cleansing Salicylic wash is a foam cleanser specially formulated for the treatment of oily skin, acne and congested skin. Formulated with 1.8% Salicylic Acid concentration and mild surfactants, this lightly foaming formula quickly rids the skin of bacteria and excess oils while de-congesting blocked pores to prevent future breakouts. Also containing special hydrating agents Agera Salicylic foaming cleanser will leave skin feeling clean, refreshed, and conditioned.

Ideal for daily facial cleansing and can also be used in the shower to tackle blemishes on the body. It can also be used as a scalp cleanser to treat symptoms of dandruff, seborrheic dandruff and psoriasis.

Suitable for oily, congested and acne prone skin types.

How to use

  • Use daily or three times per week initially.
  • Reduce frequency if irritation occurs.
  • Apply to wet skin and gently massage in circular motion.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
  • Proceed with skin care regime.

About The Brand

Scientifically endorsed, Agera is a comprehensive range of active skin care products and includes anti-ageing, anti-pigmentary and acne treatments that work together to produce visible results. Agera has been produced after ten years of research by a team of chemists, biomedical scientists and physicians ensuring thorough testing and scientific validation. Available from SkinShop – Agera Medical Formula is one of the most advanced skin care range available in the world. Buy Agera products online at


Aqua (Water), Ammonium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, PEG-30 Glyceryl Cocoate, Lauryl Betaine, Salicylic Acid, Polyquaternium-10, Myristoyl Hexapeptide-4 (STIMULYSIN®), Lactic Acid, Disodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben

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Precaution: This product contains salicylic acid, don't use if you have an allergy to Aspirin, pregnant/ trying to become pregnant or breast feeding. Don't use products that contain Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA's), Salicylic Acid and Retinols if taking Roaccutane and for up to a year after you have stopped taking it.   Products that contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA's) or Beta-Hydroxy Acid (BHA) may cause initial flaking, tingling or irritation to the skin. For some this may be part of the normal resurfacing process. This generally improves as the skin ‘gets used’ to the treatment. AHA and BHA products may be introduced with less frequent use, and application can be increased as the skin becomes accustomed to it (follow product directions). At first start by gradually introducing one AHA or BHA products at a time into your skincare regime. Also some breakouts may occur initially, due to purging of the follicles. Discontinue use if you have severe redness, itching, burning, rash, swelling or blistering.   Apply a sunscreen daily when using products that contain Alpha Hydroxy acids (AHA's) & BHA's.  

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